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United States Immigration Services in Edmonton, AB

Rely on Pilkington Law for United States immigration services in Edmonton, AB, and for help navigating the United States Citizenship Application process. The Pilkington Immigration seamlessly handles American immigration matters through its cross-border immigration practice. This includes US immigration and naturalization issues on behalf of corporations and individuals intending to establish status in the United States.

US Immigration & Naturalization

The Pilkington Immigration works with corporations and individuals to arrive at temporary and permanent solutions for gaining status in the United States for individuals, employees, athletes, or family members.

When you are seeking a family-based green card to the US, look no further than Pilkington Immigration for help,  guidance, and representation through the process. Family green card applications to the United States divide into five categories, starting with immediate relatives such as spouses of United States citizens, children (unmarried 21 and under of United States citizens), and parents of United States citizens. Applications in this immediate relative category process the fastest and generally within one year.

It is important to be guided through a sequential process to avoid unnecessary delays or problems that can arise due to a change of circumstance before or during an application.

Our services for individuals, corporations, and sports organizations include:

  • Port Parole Applications
  • Waiver Applications
  • Citizenship Matters

Additionally, we provide temporary and/or permanent visas for:

  • Businesspersons & Tourists (B Visas)
  • Investors (E2 Visas)
  • Extraordinary Ability (EB-1 Visas)
  • Students (F Visas)
  • Professionals (H Visas)
  • Media (I Visa)
  • Exchange Visitors (J Visas)
  • Finances (K Visas)
  • Spousal (IR1 or CR1 Visas)
  • Individuals of Extraordinary Ability (O Visas)
  • Cultural Exchange Workers (Q Visas)
  • Religious Workers (R Visas)
  • Free Trade Professionals (TN Visas)
  • Important information about US Waiver Applications

The US Department of Homeland Security has introduced a procedure called E-Safe for US Waivers. This new process allows for faster processing of these waivers — sometimes in as little as 30 to 45 days, as opposed to the previous 6-month process. Only US attorneys are able to assist with this process. Fortunately, Pilkington Law has licensed US attorneys available to help you with your US Waiver. Learn more about this new US Waiver Process today.

No-Charge Case Review

The immigration and naturalization lawyers at Pilkington Immigration are available to answer any questions you may have. We offer a no-pressure, initial case consultation. We will review your case and your options with their respective benefits and drawbacks, and any alternatives that you may have.

How to Immigrate to the United States from Canada

Apply for your green card or visa with our guidance. In addition to US immigration matters, we also help those seeking to immigrate to Canada. If you are applying for Visas in Canada, rely on our law office.

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